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The Destroyer comes unbidden but not without warning to wake us up from our sleepy complacency. The majority of Americans are disconnected, almost anesthetized from our politics preferring to complain rather than actively engage.  This leaves a power vacuum into which the Destroyer seeps and grows over time.  The Destroyer is the wake-up call for an initiation into a new ethos.  The new ethos can be under the Destroyer’s control or we can choose a different path of transformation.  The Destroyer also brings us closer in touch with our own mortality, providing us with the opportunity through awareness to recognize the preciousness of life and to act on what we desire for ourselves in the remaining time left and  what we aspire to leave behind as our legacy.

The Destroyer serves a useful purpose in that it stirs things up creating a temporary chaos, cleansing the old order away so the new can grow in its place.  This is the way of life from the beginning of time; the old dies off and makes way for the new.  However, to evolve and grow without complete self-destruction, we must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water so we have a solid foundation upon which to recreate our lives and our society.  Our children build upon the lessons past generations have learned.  They also move forward based on past achievements as well.  No generation wants to start from scratch.  Human growth and development relies on the removal of the dross but also on retaining the gold.

Consider the tea party as the Destroyer, the wake-up call to put our legislative houses in order and work towards a new vision of America but without destroying our basic constitutional fundamentals and the social safety net programs that make us a civilized and progressive society.  Yes, we cannot continue to consume more than we take in but the Destroyer has obliterated the tax code that once favored and built a strong middle class which has been the political and economic backbone of the country.  Those tax benefits now go to those with extreme global wealth who back the Destroyer in whatever guise it chooses to take—currently the tea party leaders.  The Destroyer is also threatening to suck the life out of programs that provide the basic human needs for many Americans.  This is not an idle threat but a reality in the form of current debt ceiling legislation.  Although the Destroyer is not concerned with equality, compassion and protection, it can provide the impetus for resistance and empowerment.

The Destroyer can work toward beneficence or complete destruction. It can break us off from what is not working in our lives so we can experience a rebirth into a more functional existence or decimate everything that went before.  The Destroyer can also leave profound suffering and pain in its wake, striking out in irrational and arbitrary ways making recovery more difficult.  The recent actions of the tea party’s assault on American decency and generosity were perhaps such an unexpected shock that we gave in and now find it hard to regroup.  But we did have fair warning. Their agenda was clear.  Did we really think the nature of the beast would change once it had achieved even more power in the 2010 elections?

The Destroyer is a cruel beast at its worst incarnation which is never sated.  Rational discussion, collaboration and even appeasement will not tame this beast.  This is our experience at the moment.  Will it lead to a positive rebirth or complete destruction to the point of living in a country which is not even a shadow of its former self.  If we do not act, we will continue to be fodder for the beast.