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URWELT CHRONICLES: My Children’s Book Series

The First Book of the Series

The First Book of the Series

The Lioness of Brumley Hall, the first book in the Urwelt Chronicles series, is a new family oriented action fantasy adventure which introduces you to the magically gifted family pushing the limits of their powers to battle against dark magickal forces with surprising results.  The Urweltchronicles is a visionary magical realism adventure series for middle grade readers and adults about using magickal skills with spiritual discernment and courage for a greater good. Written for ages 9 to 12 years, it is also an enjoyable read for parents and grandparents.

The Lioness (grandmother) oversees the world of Brumley Hall and its magick, mystery and mayhem set in north Wales.  Brumley Hall is a most unusual manor house hotel run by quirky adults trying to keep the resident children with magickal abilities unsuccessfully under control.  It’s packed with generational references, humor, witty wordplay, and enough magickal adventures for all (way too much, as Gran would say). The second installment, The Lioness and the Faery Enchantment, is well underway and will be published next year.  For more information on this series and related content (faeries, Wales, magick), check out my website: 

DAMN DELICIOUS DESSERTS: Cakes, Puddings and Pies—Not Too Sweet, Not Too Rich, Just Right!

My grandmother and mother made old fashion “eat the last crumb” cakes and bowl licking custards when I was growing up.  I rediscovered them when I merged the boxes of recipes into two large boxes after they passed on to dessert heaven.  I was, naturally, drawn to the desserts I enjoyed as a child and started baking them again for family and friends.  The rave reviews encouraged me to add this blog of my favorites after being asked for the recipes over and over again.


Mythic Musings: Symbols To Live By

I have redesigned my website/blog (formerly known as Augusta’s Musings) to suit the nature of interests in mythological symbolism and contemporary politics which is the essence of the nonfiction book I am currently writing on Arthurian legend and Celtic symbolism titled, The Sword and the Scabbard: The Political and Spiritual Ethos of Arthurian Legend.  This website, Mythic Musings, focuses on mythology, Jungian archetypes and symbolism in political and nonpolitical contexts.  It pays particular attention to the symbols of the sword and the scabbard (stone) found in my nonfiction work in progress.  These symbols also find their way into my fictional children’s book series, the Urweltchronicles (see my other website featuring the first book in the series, The Lioness of Brumley Hall and Her Most Unusual Grandchildren and related content (faeries, music, Wales, magick).  

I also wanted to provide more goodies to this site that looked at Jungian archetypes found in contemporary political events, and mythological symbolism and archetypes in general that I imported from my politicalmythos site which I will no longer use as it is too narrow in focus.  Below is an introductory preview and the imported posts with more to come in 2015 and 2016!


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  1. So happy I found you…AMAZING article! Definitely resonates with the clarity of inspired awareness of TRUTH. I look forward to reading more of your work – BRAVO!!!!

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